Buffalo longbow part 2

Black Widow PL Longbows

It just occurred to me that I haven’t posted an update since my heavy bow arrived. For the gear junkies, here is what I am taking for my Buffalo hunt.

Black Widow PLII “Graybark” 66″ takedown model. I like the smokey gray finish on these bows and it saves me $50 to $100 over the PLV and PLX bows. I had them skip the wood in the riser and went solid glass again. I really like the weight of it. I also had quiver inserts put in this bow just like my last one, I really like how it prevents the quiver from creeping into the working part of the limb. The grip is the “Toby Grip” just like the last one too. In short, the bottom two bows are identical in every single aspect except draw weight.

My “one bow” for the last year and a half is the bottom PLII with the quiver on it. It scales 64@30.5″ true draw length. The top PLV is my very first Black Widow longbow and it also draws 64@30.5 but is a one piece bow. Had it been a two piece I probably wouldn’t have purchased the bottom one. That leaves the middle bow, my Buffalo bow, 87#30.5″. After warming up for twenty minutes or so, I shot it for almost two hours the first time I took it to the range for bare shaft tuning. Ongoing weight training and a disciplined shooting practice were no doubt the key to me making a move that large upon arrival. I’m keenly aware my hunt will be a total loss if I am injured before I leave in less than three months. I am not taking any risks at this point to ensure I’m 100% ready and able to take this adventure of a lifetime!

I’ve ruled out a few arrows and I’m tuning in a few more currently. Once I make the final decision I will do an exhaustive post about the arrow I will be using.