I’ve been working on building up a system that works very well for me. After last season I was left with a very short list of things to improve on. The basics of what I’ve found to work for me are summarized below, links to posts with reviews, pros/cons, and additional info provided. What works for me, might not work for you.


Longbow: I’m currently shooting a Black Widow PLII longbow. It’s a 66″ 2 piece take down model with a true draw weight of 64# at 30.5″.

Quiver: My bow has quiver inserts and I’m using a Great Northern Kickback quiver.

Arrows: I am shooting Black Eagle Outlaw shafts in .300 spine from Simply Traditional.

Broadheads: I am currently hunting with the Magnus 150 grain Single Bevel from Simply Traditional. This is the head I use for medium game to increase the chances of a good blood trail. I take the time to tanto the point of these heads.

Adapters: I JB Weld my heads into my arrows using Jon Hand’s custom stainless steel adapters. Steve Angell recently did a post about these specialty adapters from Traditional Archery Solutions on the Simply Traditional Blog. I use the 250 grain version on all of my arrows.


***UPDATE*** I have retired my Muddy Pro Stick mentioned here due to a factory recall and being unable to contact anyone at Muddy to get replacement parts to make them safe. Instead I will begin using Lone Wolf climbing sticks in 2018.

Tree Stand: Lone Wolf Alpha 2, significantly modified. That article also covers my Muddy Pro Sticks. You can also read a bit more about it in my article from last fall’s StickTalk.


Backpack: Badlands Treestand. Full review coming soon.

Lights: I use a headlamp and flashlight combination in my hunting pack, as well as 3 other lights for other purposes. You can read about all of them in this post.

Knives: You can read about the Two Knife System on that post. I have other knives I use in a dedicated game processing kit that I will cover later.

Optics: I did a little write up about the two pairs of binoculars that I use. Take a read and see what you think.

String Tracker: I finally penned an article about my string trackers and put a good video link in there.