There is a great deal of preparation required for a trip like this, and this is the page where I will link all of my related blog posts with my progress and results.

We will get into bows, crazy arrow stuff, packing ideas, and a lot of information about taxidermy and shipping. Until then, this page is mostly just a placeholder for good things to come! If you need a little something to read in the meantime, you can start with this post.

Update #1 – I have ordered a new longbow for this hunt.  My PH and I talked, he suggests I bring my 10×42 binoculars for this trip. I confirmed my passport is good through 2024 and it shouldn’t be a problem for this trip. Finally, a little philosophical post about what makes a “trophy” Cape Buffalo.

Upcoming: packing, choosing a PH, medical considerations, travel logistics, and hunting laws.