String Trackers


Everything old is new again.

I never really thought much about string trackers until I read this hog hunting story from Jerry Russell. If you haven’t read the Story of Kong before, you should click that link right now!

After that there was a little stir on the forums and I watched a few videos Jerry put on youtube that I found this one in particular very informational and helpful. with getting setup and avoiding the basic mistakes people make with them.

Once a person understands the basics, then you need to get one. Since none of my longbows have a bushing in them, I need a Great Northern Traditional Gadget Adapter. I mount this right at the bottom of my rubber bow grip. Next I got The Tracker and several spare spools to test and hunt with. I have found that I prefer the 17# thread, I see no effect on arrow flight and it’s very abrasion resistant.

The coffee mug holds two spare spools and ensures they don’t get crushed in my hunting gear tote. VERY important you don’t smash down a spool as it will drastically and negatively effect arrow flight. Besides, can’t hurt to have an extra metal coffee mug on hand, right?

Now after I got setup with what I described above, Chad Orde of Drifter Traditional Archery created a very nice looking tracker for us trad hunters.I bought one as soon as he announced them. Compared to the old plastic style, here are the pros and cons as I see them.

Pros: looks great, doesn’t require a gadget adapter, very quiet, nice large opening with very smooth wood endcap, made in the USA by a fellow trad hunter.

Cons: I had a big storm open up on me and I was soaked in the rain. As the leather got wet it started to bend into my riser. Perhaps I had it strapped too tightly to my riser, but I was concerned about what point it might effect the drag on the string.

I still use both of them depending on what my mood is. If I think rain could come in I always go with the plastic one. I’ve recovered a few animals using them, and in one case I do believe it was the difference between meat spoilage and not. I am thankful for that string every time I cook up some of that boar!