Bucket List Hunts

Reading Dennis Dunn’s books about the North American Super Slam has left my head swimming! I do not intend to pursue any of the “slams”, but I should organize my thoughts a little. This journal page seems like a good place to put it.

South Carolina spring hog 2018
Ontario spring black bear 2018

Wyoming mule deer 2018
Michigan fall black bear 2018
Australia buffalo, banteng, hog 2019
Wyoming elk 2020 (or beyond based on drawing tag)
Ontario moose 2021?
Texas aoudad, javelina 2021?
New Zealand 2022?
Wyoming moose 2025 (or beyond based on drawing tag)

Done since I started this blog post:
Africa; cape buffalo, wildebeest, warthog, impala 2017 – DONE!
South Carolina spring hog 2017 – DONE!
South Carolina fall deer/hog 2016 – DONE!
Wyoming pronghorn 2016 – DONE!

Then the ones I need to figure out a little better:
American buffalo; where, when?
Caribou; what type, where, when?
Mountain goat; draw potential, where, when?
Something in Europe?
Something in South America?